Gadolinite (subgroup)


Formula AIII2MBeII2SiIV2O8ψ2, A=Y,Ce,REE, M=Fe,◻, ψ=O,OH
Classification Gadinolite (group)
Members Gadolinite-(Y), Gadolinite-(Ce), Hingganite-(Y), Minasgeraisite-(Y), Hingganite-(Yb), Gadolinite-(Nd), Hingganite-(Ce), Calcybeborosilite-(Y), Hingganite-(Nd)
IMA Status IMA Approved Group Name
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Tags Hydroxide, Silicate , Subgroup


Element Atoms
Si 2
O 10
Fe 0-1
Be 2
H 0-2
REE 0-2
Y 0-2
Ce 0-2