Bismuth SXES spectrum, 5 keV e- beam, CSIRO 2016

Measurement details

Description SXES spectrum of Bismuth
Reference CSIRO SXES database by C. M. MacRae, N. C. Wilson, and A. Torpy, CSIRO Mineral Resources
Date measured 2016-09-28
Material Bismuth [ Bi ]
Specimen Bi METM-42 [CSIRO - Microbeam Laboratory Standards]
Related specimen METM25-44 block [CSIRO - Microbeam Laboratory Standards]. Astimex metal standard mount, 25mm
Technique Soft x-ray emission spectroscopy (SXES)
Instrument JEOL 8530F
Probe 5 keV electron beam
Beam current 59.8 nA
Grating 50XL
Acquisition time 720 s
Channel count 2048
Energy range 46.8109 … 170.472 eV
Intensity range 29.6389 … 3127.5 counts
Integral 537469 counts

Measurement spectrum


Measurement image

SXES spectrum of Bismuth