Diamond (var. coated) PL measurement, 325 nm He-Cd laser beam, Yelisseyev et al. 2004

Measurement details

Reference Yelisseyev et al. 2004
Yelisseyev A. P., Pokhilenko N. P., Steeds J. W., Zedgenizov D. A. & Afanasiev V. P. (2004). Features of coated diamonds from the Snap Lake/King Lake kimberlite dyke, Slave craton, Canada, as revealed by optical topography. Lithos, 77(1-4), 83-97. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.lithos.2004.04.028
Material Diamond (var. coated) [ C ]
Technique Photoluminescence (PL)
Instrument Renishaw micro-Raman spectrometer
Probe 325 nm He-Cd laser beam
Lines Dislocation A-band 420 nm, H3 center 503.2 nm, N3 center 415.2 nm, Ni-N complexes 550 nm