Diamond (var. B doped) CL/SEM spectrum, 20 keV e- beam, CSIRO 2011

Measurement details

Description CL/SEM spectrum of Diamond (var. B doped)
Reference Otherwise unpublished luminescence spectra measured by the CSIRO Mineral Resources Microbeam Laboratory, Clayton
Date measured 2011-03-10
Material Diamond (var. B doped) [ C ]
Specimen temperature Ambient
Technique Cathodoluminescence (CL), using an Electron Probe Micro-Analyser (EPMA)
Instrument JEOL 8500F
Probe 20 keV electron beam
Beam current 10000 nA
Acquisition time 2 s
Channel count 1024
Energy range 1.21 … 6.23908 eV
Intensity range 0.494622 … 99.238 (normalised intensity)
Data filter Savitzky-Golay, 3rd order, ±20 channels
Line Intrinsic 2.775 eV (100%)

Measurement spectrum


Measurement image

CL/SEM spectrum of Diamond (var. B doped)

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